Flashing Lights for the Home

We are now trialing a newly invented flashing light system made right here in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The exciting thing about this new system is that there is no wiring involved at all and when you want to shift you can simply take the system with you saving you time and effort.

You can buy the system in whatever way you want ie If you just want the phone flashing light and later on decide you want the doorbell done, you can add to it at any time.

What does it do!

Telephone Ringing:When your phone rings you can choose how many lights in your house you want to flash. Most people choose between 2 - 4 lights to flash ie Lounge/kitchen and bedroom/hallway. There is no day/night switch to forget about so the system knows automatically to turn the lights on in the day and off at night. If you have faxibility you will also be able to tell if it is a fax or a TTY call by the different way the lights will flash. If or when you move you can simply unplug the system and take it with you, no wires and no ugly holes left behind.

Doorbell:You can add a doorbell to your system at very little extra cost, again there are no messy wires and you can simply unplug the doorbell if or when you move.

Smoke Alarm:This is an absolute must for the Deaf home for your saftey. This can add to your system and again just unplug it and take it with you if or when you move.

Burglar Alarm:We can adapt any existing burglar alarm to make your lights flash when the alarm sounds or provide you with a purpose made system for Deaf people.

Other Possible Applications

Baby Crying Monitor

Deaf people have told us that they want something that actually works. Something that is not too sensitive to pick up the slightest grizzle but powerfull enough to alert you to baby really crying. We'll give you an update!

Alarm Clock

We are able to adapt your existing alarm clock to flash your lights on and off when you want to get up in the morning.

Why not email me or fax me with any ideas or requests. (03)388-5874

Email: dccs@ihug.co.nz