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Deaf Consultancy & Communication Sevices

Deaf Consultancy & Communication Services was established in Feburary 1995 primarily to fill the need for interpreting services in Christchurch, NZ. We also advocate the need and use of interpreters and provide short courses to Government and community organisations.

Deaf or hearing people can book us directly for assignments on:

Fax: (03) 388-5874 or

Mobiles: Tony (025) 370-612 or Andrew (025) 222-5609

Our rates for Interpreting: $40.00 per hr + Travel + GST (min 2hrs per assignment)

Please note, a minimum 10min RSI break is required per hour. In general assignments over 2hrs in duration will require a team interpreting approach.

Our rates for Teaching: $40.00 per hr, generally charged at 2hrs per 1hr of class contact time.

Both Andrew and Tony are CODAs who have a strong committment to serve the Deaf community. Tony has worked in the Deaf community for 10 yrs, Andrew completed his Diploma in Sign Language interpreting in 1995 working with the Deaf community since. We strive to provide a reliable and trustworthy service which guarantees confidentiality to our clients.

Organisations & Groups

Contact us for workshops on how to make your organisation more accessible to Deaf people.
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